Aussietanks is the best place to buy rain barrels in Texas

Well known in popular culture for its deserts, it should be no surprise that rainwater collection systems in Texas are a popular method for conserving precious freshwater resources. Some homes remain reluctant to buy rain barrels however, due to their high cost and difficult installation process. Here at Aussietanks we set out to solve these problems and, by combining affordable pricing with clever design, we have produced simple and modern portable water tanks for residential American homes.

Aussietanks’s unique design has been specifically developed with the urban environment in mind. The main water holding tank is constructed from a marine grade PVC bladder held in place by a study steel frame. This allows Aussietanks to withstand even the strongest winds and other wild weather. The true genius of our design however is the Aussietanks’ flat-pack ability. Being able to fully break down back into its original packaging makes Aussietanks water storage containers highly portable and storable. This means you can pack your water barrel away when not in use to avoid damage, or even take it with you on camping trips. Installation is similarly simple, and often takes less than 20 minutes. All you need to do is direct your runoff pipe onto the Aussietanks’s catchment lid, and point the over flow pipe down the nearest drain.

The laws regarding how to store water in Texas are fairly strict, especially when it comes to potable water tanks. For landscaping and recreational purposes you are able to capture as much rainwater as you wish. Water that is intended for drinking and bathing purposes however must be treated first to meet state drinking water safety standards. Furthermore there are also tax exemptions on rainwater harvesting systems – you can read more about this on the National Conference of State Legislatures website.

With three different Aussietanks sizes, we have a water container perfect for all homes. The smaller 120 and 260 gallon sizes are ideal for homes with low water demands, and also double as great water storage barrels for camping trips. The larger 530 gallon tanks are ideal for water intensive household with extensive landscaping and manicured lawns. Regardless of the size, all Aussietanks come with a one year guarantee meaning you can rest assured of the longevity of your water harvesting system.

We are confident that our Aussietanks are one of the simplest and most convenient water tanks for sale in the US market. With a low initial cost, Aussietanks are the easy way to reduce your water rates and also help save the environment.