Why buy rainwater barrels in Tucson?

Water storage in Tucson has long been an issue. Less than a century ago, the Santa Cruz River flowed through the city all year round. Now the city relies on ground water and the Central Arizona Project Aqueduct (CAP) for its supply, supplemented with reclaimed water from agricultural and industrial use. With residential use being the biggest drain on the supply, every home is asked to save resources where they can.

And you can do your bit, in the quest for the best answer to the eternal question ‘how to store water’?

Interestingly, although the area is classified as having a desert climate, the city receives about 11 inches of rain annually. The wet monsoon season brings rain (and flash floods) every year, but the high rate of evaporation means little of the rain at any time, is left behind. However, with Aussietanks water storage containers, Tucson residents can capture this fleeting rainfall for future use. We provide water tanks for sale across the US, helping households across the nation save water.

A problem with many rain water collection systems is their cost and time to set up and their inflexibility once established. Aussietanks portable water tanks are an affordable alternative and only take a matter of minutes to set up. If you decide to change your mind about the positioning of your tank – perhaps the selected spot wasn’t entirely suitable or you’re re-doing your garden – you can easily reposition your water storage barrel, either by lifting it while fully erect or collapsing it and establishing it somewhere else.

Should your local by-laws and regulation allow, you can use Aussietanks as potable water tanks, providing a tasty alternative to the often mucky water available from the CAP. Even if you don’t use your water holding tank for drinking water, there are still dozens of uses for rainwater around the home. From watering the garden and washing the car through to doing the laundry and running the dishwasher, your water storage tank can have a significant impact on your household water bill.

If you’re asking what’s the best way of storing water in Tucson there’s only one answer: Aussietanks. We can deliver your collapsible water container direct to your door, all for an affordable price. Simply select the size you require – 120, 260, or 530 gallons – and order it right here on our website.