Aussietanks has high-quality portable water tanks for sale in Washington

Aussietanks’s water holding tanks provide Washington State residents with a cheap, user-friendly, portable alternative for storing water and promoting sustainability in their homes.

Available in three sizes – 120 gal, 260 gal and 530 gal – our rainwater collection systems are:

Portable – The tough but lightweight design of the Aussietanks allows for easy transportation. Whether you need to collapse the rainwater barrel before moving to a new house or you want to switch it to a different downpipe, our products are fully transportable – even when filled to capacity.

The 120 gal size is also perfect for use as a potable water tank during a camping trip in one of Washington State’s many beautiful parks or camping grounds.

Compact and easy to install – Our collapsible storage containers have been developed to allow for easy disassembly, and when collapsed are compact enough to fit into a small box. This gives added convenience when moving house. When not in use, their small size means they can be easily stored in the home. This makes them a particularly great choice for Washington residents, as it helps avoid the problem of burst water storage tanks in freezing weather.

Arriving in a flat pack, they can be assembled in just 20 minutes. DIY installation is quick and easy, and does not require the assistance of a plumber. Just plumb and it’s ready for immediate use!

Durable – Our water storage barrels are composed of a tough, marine-grade PVC bladder, which is supported by the zinc-plated steel frame – all enclosed by an aesthetically appealing mesh covering. This means that they can last you through the tough Washington winters and through the warmer months.
This is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The unit comes with its own inbuilt connections and fittings.

Flexible – Not only are Aussietanks easily moved around the house or to a different property – they are also available with different plumbing options according to the capacity you’re after. You can install one on each downpipe or plumb two together to ensure maximum collection. Although the Aussietanks is not designed to supply drinking water, it is compatible with other rainwater filtration systems which can be connected to allow for a potable water supply to your home.

So if you’re wondering how to store water cheaply and easily, make sure you buy rain barrels in Washington with Aussietanks. Shop online with us today!