Rainwater Collection Systems in Wisconsin

While the annual rainfall across the varied geography of America’s Dairyland varies great from 20 to 40 inches, everywhere receives fairly consistent rainfall throughout the year. However, Wisconsin still relies heavily on its underground water supplies for private and municipal supply, at a rate that is currently unsustainable. Only a third of the state’s rainfall is trickling into these aquifers. The combination of frequent rain and increasing water rates means it makes financial sense to harvest this natural bounty in a water storage barrel and reduce your utility bill.

Aussietanks is the ideal way to make the most of this resource, with our durable, collapsible water storage containers. With three sizes –120, 260, and 530 gallons – we have a rain barrel substitute that will fulfill all your needs. You can also increase your capacity by having rain barrels at each of your drainpipes or daisy-chaining several tanks together.

Our water storage tanks are super-easy to install – all that’s needed in an average household tool box and about twenty minutes of your time. The zinc-plated steel frame easily slots together, ready for the marine-grade PVC bladder to be installed. Cover your newly assembled water holding tank with the lightweight mesh and you’re ready to connect it up to your rainwater system – which is also an incredibly easy task that requires little specialist plumbing knowledge.

Aussietanks arrive flat-packed and are so light-weight you can set them up wherever you please – you can ever move our portable water tanks when full. The ease of installation and compact size once collapsed makes our water tanks ideal for colder areas such as Green Bay, as they can be packed away during winter, reducing the chance of damaging your tank through ice expansion. They can then easily be brought back out in spring, before temperatures truly start to warm up, allowing you to capture snow melt off your roof for use in your garden over summer.

With the addition of the correct filtration systems, you can use Aussietanks as potable water tanks. These are ideal if you prefer a fluoride-free drinking source or want complete control over your water supply. For more information, contact your local municipality – they can offer the best advice the regulations concerning storing water for human consumption.
We have water tanks for sale across the States and can deliver right to your door. Don’t continue wondering how to store water in Wisconsin – buy rain barrels from a Aussietanks today.